Getting The Most Out Of Your Kale By Juicing It

We realize that eating kale is not the most tempting endeavor when it comes to improving your diet. This is why we personally prefer to run our kale through a juicer and just drink all of the vitamins and minerals that it contains. Kale is an acquired taste and personally we do not even like to eat it. So having a juicer that helps get the most of this nutritious vegetable can help circumvent this.

One juicer that we have tried and use on a daily basis is the Omega NC800. This is one of the best juicers out there for juicing leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, and kale. It is a masticating juicer which is the type of machine that you will want to get if you plan on juicing these types of vegetables. Centrifugal juicers simply cannot get very good juice yield out of kale and similar produce and you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

This particular model from Omega has a tremendous reputation even though it is fairly new to the market. It is a terrific option for leafy vegetables and owners from around the world give it superior scores for its juice quality. Let’s look at why this is a great option for your kitchen.

Leafy Greens

As we stated earlier, this juicer really shines with this type of food. Masticating juicers slowly press juice out of from the pulp and this action is ideal for leafy vegetables that do not have a lot of juice in them to begin with. For the maximum yield when making green juices, this is the only machine that you should be contemplating. The NC800 is a terrific choice for not just kale, but for any healthy leafy greens that you wish to juice.

Wider Feed Chute

This is a slow juicer to begin with, but with a larger feed chute you do not have to spend extra time cutting fruits and vegetables into very small pieces just to fit the opening. This is a feature that is new to masticating juicers and it has been a huge time saver for users. Although you can fit in larger pieces, it is also important to not jam a lot in there at once to minimize the risk of clogging.

Quiet Juicing

The NC800 runs at a steady 80 RPM which makes it really quiet when it is running, especially compared to centrifugal juicers which can run at up to 14,000 RPM. You will not have to worry about waking the neighborhood just to make a fresh glass of juice.

Clean Up

This is often an overlooked aspect when juicer shopping, but it is something that is just as important as juice yield. If something is too much of a hassle to do, chances are you will stop doing it and give up. Getting the NC800 clean is a relatively painless process and it should not be an impediment to your juicing habit.


Omega really stands out in this area. This model comes with an impressive 15 year warranty which is tops in its class. This is something that Omega is known for and why they are so popular. Most centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, typically come with only a 1 year warranty. You want to feel confident that your investment is protected and Omega understands that.


Now, this is not a perfect juicer. There are some things that keep it from getting a perfect score.


While it is not the most expensive juicer on the market, it is not cheap either. The NC800 will run between $220 and $300 which is not exactly budget friendly.


A stainless steel body would be a little more sturdy and look a lot better, but this model has a hard plastic shell that might detract from it slightly.


This is not the fastest machine when it comes to juicing, so if you need a speed demon this is not going to be the best option.

Omega NC800 Reviews and Ratings

We highly recommend reading the Turnagain Times 2020 Juicer Ratings Guide to find the perfect solution for your juicing needs. This Omega juice extractor gets rave reviews on multiple fronts.

Hail The Kale

Despite its minor issues, the NC800 is an exceptional juice extractor that is perfect for juicing kale. We have thrown probably a hundred pounds of it through this machine without so much as a hiccup. The juice quality and juice yield is second to none in our opinion and we highly recommend it.

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